Class News – 5th Mr McKiernan

Mr. Mc Kiernan’s 5th class pupils have been working hard on publishing reports on an animal of their choice over the past few weeks. Meanwhile, Ms. Moriarty’s 1st class were busy observing the lifecycle of a butterfly. On Friday, both classes gathered together in the sunshine. 5th class presented their animal reports while 1st class pupils presented their reports on butterflies. It was a great learning experience, enjoyed by all. 

5th class recently completed a weather forecast project as Gaeilge. First of all they spent time learning the counties of Ireland and the different types of weather. Next they wrote about the weather in different provinces in the past, present and future tenses. Following this, the students created maps with the different weather conditions in each county. Lastly, each child presented their weather reports to the class using the interactive whiteboard. Watch out Gerry Murphy !