The Board of Management has discussed and ratified the following at a meeting on the 13th March 2019

We welcome the use of Social Media for Communication purposes to exchange and share information in a useful and constructive manner.

Some classes may have a parent messaging group available for them to use. If so, the administrator should ensure that all parents within the class are invited to participate as members of the group if so wished. Any messaging groups will “post” “housekeeping” information only. By this, it is meant that such matters as details on homework clarifications, sports outings; extra-curricular events, a lost uniform item, seasonal celebrations hosted at school such as “dress up as your favourite book character” for Book Week / Lá Glas for St. Patricks Day etc. are acceptable to share.

We remind parents / guardians that pupils should not

• be discussed,
• have information or photos shared about them.
• be personally identified on any social media.

No discussion of a personal nature is to be initiated or added to by parents based on what their child has commented upon to them from their time at school. Likewise it is prohibited for any of the St. Anne’s Loreto Primary School staff to be identified or their work to be discussed by any parent on such a platform. If you have any queries or concerns such communication is best relayed face to face between parent and teacher by the parent making an appointment as soon as is practicable.

We welcome such interactions as we can listen to each other; understand each other’s perspectives, providing a richer experience for all involved. This positive example to the pupils of how we relate to each other represents the best interests of the child at the heart of the matter and reflects how deeply we all care for them.

If parents notice that any of these guidelines have been breached, they are asked to assist in informing the Principal immediately. The person responsible for the unhelpful post/s will be respectfully approached and asked to remove these and to refrain from such activities. This is to ensure that all children and adults within the St. Anne’s Loreto Primary School Community including parents are safeguarded to the best of our ability going forward.

Class Dojo’s, where used by class teacher are only available for messaging during school hours 9.15 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support and understanding in this matter and look ahead to incorporating a useful and convenient messaging tool going forward for all concerned.