Teacher Allocation 2020/’21

The following is a list of teachers who will be taking the classes for 2020/’21. Where possible we have left teachers from 2019/’20 with their classes:

The Speech & Language Class: Mrs. J.A. Fitzgerald.
Junior Infants: Ms. N. Tobin.
Senior Infants x 2: Mrs. L. Hughes & Ms. O. Blake Lynch
First Classes x 2: Mrs. S. Crowe & Mrs. B. Cassidy
Second Class: Ms. C. Moriarty.
Third Classes x 2: Mr. C. Kelly & Mrs. Ó. Fox
Fourth Class: Mr. S. McKiernan.
Fifth Classes x 2: Ms. L. Dervan & Mr. M. Leavy
Sixth Class: Mr.M. Brennan.
The 4 x teachers in the Special Education Teaching Team are: Mrs. S. O’ Sullivan (Co Ordinator); Ms. A. Geoghegan; Mrs. N. Lynch and Mrs. O. McElwaine/Mrs. L. Gibbons job-sharing.