The Board of Management in St Anne’s is made up of eight members (2019-2023)

  • Chairperson: Máire O’Donoghue (Bishop Nominee) I was initially appointed to the Board of Management as Chairperson in 2007. I was a teacher in St Anne’s from 1979 until I retired in 2006. I was both a mainstream and resource teacher during my time here.
  • Principal: Cliodhna O’Bric (Teacher Nominee) I have been on the Board of Management since my appointment as Principal in 2018. I advise the Board regarding the day to day running of the school.
  • Treasurer: Jim White (Community Nominee)I have been on the Board of Management since 2011 as a Community Nominee. Currently I am the Treasurer on the Board. I am also a Director with St. Mary’s Credit Union and in addition I am a member of Silverlawns Residents Association Committee. I am a retired Meath County Council official. I am married with 3 grown up daughters.
  • Teacher: Sheelagh O’Sullivan (Teacher Nominee) I have been appointed as the teacher nominee on the Board for the 2019-2023 term. I’ve been in St. Anne’s since September 2009. I am currently a member of the Special Education team in the school. I will act as recording secretary to the Board.
  • Parent: Neil Quinn (Parent Nominee)I have been appointed to the Board for the 2019 – 23 term as a Parent’s Nominee. I have two children, one currently in the school and the other graduated from St. Anne’s. I am the PRO on the Board of Management.
  • Parent: Amanda Betson (Parent Nominee) I was appointed to the Board of Management in 2019 as a Parents Nominee.  I have four children, three of whom are currently in St. Anne’s. 
  • Bishop’s Nominee: Fr. Robert McCabe (Bishop’s Nominee). Fr Robert joins the board as chaplain of St Anne’s. He is a part of the parochial team here in the parish.
  • Legal Adviser: Oliver Shanley (Community Nominee) I have been on the Board of Management in St Anne’s since 2003 as consultant advisor in a legal capacity. I have a law practice in Navan. My grandchildren are current and past pupils of St Anne’s.

The Board of Management acts on behalf of the patron, and in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Education and Skills. The Board performs as one unit in terms of it’s function in addressing the business of the school. The Board holds meetings twice a term to focus on specific activities to meet the goals identified in the schools yearly plans.