At St. Anne’s, We believe that our school community is enriched by the unique gifts and talents of all its students. We are committed to providing excellence in education to every child in a caring, supportive environment in line with the curriculum guidelines for Primary Schools. This includes coherent and practical planning in order to allow each child to reach their highest level of academic attainment consistent with his or her abilities or talents. This support may be delivered as 1:1 support, small group withdrawal or in-class support. We follow Department directives that state that the child “with the greatest level of need access the greatest level of support”. The SET (Special Education Teaching) team is comprised of our Special Education Co-ordinator (who is responsible for the management and organisation of Special Education under the direction of the principal), 5  teachers with a wide variety of specialised skills and an EAL(English as an additional Language) teacher. The SET team work closely with our SNA’s to ensure that all students who require assistance are supported as needs arise and change. We firmly believe in early intervention and offer a number of initiatives such as Literacy Lift Off, Reading Recovery, Maths Recovery and Mata sa Rang to support our pupils in getting off to the best start possible. We offer all pupils throughout the school the opportunity to avail of Literacy and Numeracy support in many different guises both within and outside the classroom setting. Initiatives such as paired reading, group problem solving, Building Bridges of Understanding are just some of the successful interventions we deliver. We also provide a set of graded reading books to each class to ensure every child is reading at their instructional level. Our Special Education Needs Policy linked below will provide information on how we support all pupils in our care.


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SESS Apps for Dyslexia

Apps for children with dyscalculia and numeracy difficulties

Special Needs Policy