Literacy Lift Off is an early intervention programme aimed at raising literacy levels in reading and writing. It is run in 2nd class in term one, 1st class in term two and senior infants in term three.

Literacy Lift Off involves five staff members; the class teacher, two resource teachers, the Reading Recovery teacher and the principal. Classes are divided into six groups and each teacher will take responsibility for a group. The stations consist of two reading groups, one writing group, one word work group, an oral language group and an independent station. The children rotate around the different stations spending 10 minutes at each station during the one hour period. It runs for five days of each week for approximately 4-6 weeks.

At home, parents are encouraged to listen to their child reading each evening. Children bring home a book each night – this book will have been read during Literacy Lift Off that day.

Literacy Lift Off has proven to be a very successful programme where the children learn and progress quickly in an enjoyable and hands on environment. As each child works at a level that is appropriate to their ability, confidence and positivity towards reading and writing grows daily.