Garden Committee


Here at St. Anne’s, there is a Green Committee. It is formed by children from 3rd – 6th Class. The students are picked based on their eagerness to help the community and to care for the plants and animals in school. There are 12 students in the Green Committee this year. 

The first Green Committee was formed on the 24th of September 2017. The Green Committee goal is to teach people, that no matter where you live or work you can always create a green space, in which nature can grow and provide a food source for other animals. We hope that by introducing plants into the school area, other children will be enticed to include plants into their lives and will pass that knowledge onto their friends and family. So far we have accomplished many projects for the school such as hosting our first ‘Biodiversity week’ with guest speakers and setting up Swift boxes at the front of our school. Our next project will involve making a rainwater garden.

This year our focus will continue to be on biodiversity. Our goal is to earn a green flag in Biodiversity this year. This will be our 5th green flag.

Here at St Anne’s we care about nature, the environment and the world. 

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness is very much encouraged in St. Anne’s. The children take part in classes especially geared to making them more aware of how important a healthy environment is to them, their families and their pets.

We have achieved four Green Flags for Litter, Energy Saving, Water Conservation and Transport. Our students are conscious of keeping our yards and classrooms litter-free and that all classrooms are turning off lights and switches to conserve energy. We installed green buttons on each toilet so when you flush the toilet you press the green button the flush will stop to save water. We also installed push taps so they will go off themselves.

St. Anne’s is one of the first schools in Navan to hold 4 Green Flags and we are very proud of this achievement.