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St Anne’s Loreto is a Catholic co-educational primary school under the patronage of the Bishop of Meath.

The Mission of the school is to promote the highest possible level of education for the community of Navan and its environs.

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September news 4th class Ms. Geoghegan

We were delighted to get back to school in September…….the holidays were so boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only joking but it was great to get back to school to see all our friends again. We are in 4th class now so officially in the senior end of the school……..parents wait till you see how mature we are from now on. Ms. Geoghegan had us back at work without delay so we have lots.


JUNE 2017

3rd Class June News Ms. Geoghegan

Wow. What a busy month, and it is not over yet. Our cast and crew spent most of the month  learning lines for the play ‘Cinders’, and getting costumes and the set ready. We put on our production on the 9th June for the other classes and it was a great success. Click here to see the photos 3rd class Cinders Play  We took part in Active Schools Week and.

5th Class Miss Mellon June News

To start off the month, we read “Wildflower Girl” by Marita Conlon-McKenna. We did some exercises on a Pages document about the book. We also read exerts from “The Escape” and ”The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” from our reader Up and Running. From the 12th of June to the 16th of June, we had our annual Active Schools Week and did various activities throughout the week. On Monday, we.

3rd class April/May news Ms. Geoghegan

After Easter we finished our Aquatics and did our lifesaving test. Hopefully we will get our certificates soon. We started Rugby with Robbie from Navan RFC. We learned how to pass, score a try and we played games of tag rugby. It was great fun. We started learning about some local history in History and how the street names of Navan got their names. We conducted a traffic survey for.

5th Class Miss Mellon May News

This May we in Maths learned about how to calculate different weights and how many grams are in a kilogram. Later on in the month, we learned about Data and how to make our own pie charts and bar graphs. We took surveys about what your favourite television show and what your favourite fruit was as well. In History we learned about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. and.

5th Class Mrs Gibbons/Mrs O’Sullivan’s April/May News

During the month of April we learned about 3-D shapes and directed numbers. We also did a percentages quiz. We also don our Sigma-T tests. Before the Easter holidays we made delicious Rocky-Roads, watched a movie and had a little party. We had a great time. We did some fun orienteering in P.E. We had to look for clues and answer some maths questions. We also had to look for.

5th Class Miss Mellon April News

This Month in Maths we learned about length, how to find the area of a shape by multiplying length by width and how to multiply and divide length, measuring perimeter and how to convert decimals and fractions into percentages. In Science we learnt about Sound and we participated in an experiment including cups and string. We spoke through the cup telephone and changed the tone of our voices to hear.

Junior Infants Mrs McElwaine March news

Mrs. McElwaine’s class have been very busy this term. We are learning about the airport. Our pretend aeroplane has flown to many destinations this month. Australia and Majorca are some of the favourite. The children learned vocabulary such as passport, security guard, pilot and passenger. In maths we’ve been learning about money and 3-d shapes. We set up a fruit and veg shop and collected 3-d shapes such as cubes,.

3rd Class Miss Geoghegan March News

The start of March was Engineers Week, so Eoin an engineer from Intel came into our class and helped us design bridges. We tested them to see how strong they were and would they hold a number of toy cars and trucks. Each group won a prize, it was a really fun morning. We learned all about hurling in English and PE and about how Setanta got his name in.

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