Role and purpose of the Student Council in St. Anne’s National School Navan.

St. Anne’s believe that students have a very important role to play in the running of our school.

A Student Council

  • helps improve school life for everybody.
  • acts as the voice of the students.
  • acts as a channel of communication within the school organisation between pupils, school and home.
  • encourages pupils to organise events and to represent the school in a positive way during these events.

The Election Process

Every year, students from the Fifth and/or Sixth classes are invited to nominate themselves for a place on the Students Council. Before the election candidates are asked to present their ideas in a speech to their peers. The classes elected their council representatives. Our newly elected Student’s Council was set up in September. The elected Students Council is required to attend regular meetings, to participate in any projects. Council members wear a special badge to ensure that they are readily identifiable as Student Council members.

Members of the Student Council  in 2023/2024 include:

Abubakar Zia, Imran Coogan Qazi, Ella Lui, Marcel Gawron, Eva Parkash, Luke Gaffney, Reece Dunne, Sam Goode, Saoirse Ní Gaóíthín, Kayla Meade, Jack Murphy, Harry Boland.

What makes a good Student Councillor?

A good councillor should be:

  • A good listener
  • Trustworthy
  • Happy
  • Helpful
  • Committed
  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Able to work in a team
  • Want to make changes
  • Have good ideas

Student Council Meetings

We have meetings once a fortnight with the Mrs Gibbons to work on our goals. Prior to the meetings, the Student Council representatives collect ideas and suggestions from all classes through our suggestion boxes for the agenda. Mrs Gibbons may put forward topics to discuss or upcoming events in the school which the Student Council may need to be involved in. The Chairperson helps run a council meeting. From this meeting Student Council will be given tasks to carry out. Members are also asked to report back to the student body on the outcome of our meetings. The Student Council notice board will have regular updates. We invite Mrs McCabe to attend some of our meetings to keep her updated on our goals.

Some of the ways we have improved school life include:

  • Goalposts in the basketball court
  • Wellbeing Week rolled out across the school
  • Water fountain in the boys bathroom.
  • Buddy Benches in the yard.
  • Fundraising for Daffodil Day.
  • Surveying the pupils in St. Anne’s to improve yard rules.
  • Helping with St Anne’s open evenings, special occasion, and visitors.
  • Book donations
  • Implementing new initiatives.

Through our Student Council St Anne’s National School hopes to give our pupils a more active role in the organisation of our school and to ensure they are listened to when making school policies and rules. Discussions in the classroom and Student Council meetings help to develop social and learning skills including speaking, listening, problem solving, project work and decision making process. We are very proud of our Student Council in St. Anne’s.


Student Council Update

We want to take a moment to share some highlights of the wonderful activities organized by St. Anne’s Student Council, led by the pupils from 6th Class.  Throughout the year, the Student Council have been incredibly active in fostering a sense of community and making positive contributions both within the school and beyond. Here are some of the fantastic initiatives they have undertaken.

  • The Halloween disco gives pupils the opportunity to come together to celebrate and show off their fabulous costumes on the catwalk. Lots of dancing, fun and a few treats too.
  • Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal: The Student Council coordinated a Christmas Shoebox Appeal to deliver gifts straight into the hands of children affected by poverty. Often these shoebox gifts are the only gift that a child will receive at Christmas and the joy that they bring is incredible. They gathered 120 shoeboxes, demonstrating compassion and generosity by collecting items for those in need.
  • Farewell activities for Ms O’Bric: The Student Council organised a heartfelt message from all the pupils in St. Anne’s for our retired principal Ms. O’Bric, showing their appreciation for her dedication and years of energy to St. Anne’s.
  • Fundraising for Irish Cancer Society: Through the sale daffodil pin and plants, they raised an impressive €40 for the Irish Cancer Society on Daffodil Day, supporting vital research and services.
  • Children’s Rights Workshop: They arranged a trip to the Children’s Ombudsman Office in Dublin for both 6th Classes, where student’s participated in a workshop learning about children’s rights.
  • Birthday Celebrations: The Student Council ensures that pupils birthdays are highlighted in the school over the intercom, spreading joy and making each student feel special.
  • School Leaver’s Hoodies: For the 6th class students, they sourced school leavers hoodies, providing a memorable keepsake for their time at St. Anne’s.
  • Conduct Surveys: As part of their efforts to represent the interests and concerns of the students, the Student Council members conducted surveys of some pupils in the school and asked for feedback from the pupils. It is essential to hear directly from the pupils about their experiences and perspectives.
  • Trip to Dáil Ēireann: In May, they have arranged an educational trip to the Dáil, providing students with an opportunity to learn about the workings of the government first hand.
  • Wellness Wednesday: Throughout the month of May, the Student Council will be organizing Wellness Wednesday activities throughout the school, promoting mental and physical well-being among all students and staff.

We are very proud of our Student Council in St. Anne’s. They are dedicated to making the voices of the pupils in St. Anne’s heard.

 A super bunch of future leaders.