My name is Sarah and I’m going to tell you about my trip to the WRI Wildlife Hospital with Miss Moriarty, Miss Dervan and the Gardening Committee on Saturday the 12th of June 2021.

Why we went there?

We went to the WRI Wildlife Hospital because they needed an insect hotel and we were happy to help build one. So we collected the things we needed like hay, moss, tiles and bamboo before we went.

What did we do at the Wildlife Hospital?

First when we got there and went inside, the people who worked there talked to us. We asked them questions. It was really interesting! After that we went on a scavenger hunt looking for insects and we did different activities for finding insects which was really fun. Then we had lunch and after that it was time to build the minibeast hotel which was super fun!

My favourite parts!

My favourite parts were when we saw the baby foxes and built the insect hotel.

Thank you Miss Moriarty and Miss Dervan for bringing the Gardening Committee and I to the WRI Wildlife Hospital! 

By Sarah 

5th class