On Thursday the 3rd of June, the Junior Classes from Ms. Tobin’s Junior Infants to Ms. Moriarty’s Second Class, including our Speech & Language Class thoroughly enjoyed their 2021 Sports Day outing up in the glorious O’Mahony’s GAA Club pitches in the sunshine.
All the children wore their backpacks filled with sports items, a hearty lunch and drinks and invested every ounce of energy into having the best school day outing for a long time.
Their smiling faces and squeeling voices said it all as they trotted, hopped, jogged, jumped, skipped and ran safely through sack, spud & spoon, hula hoop, 3-legged, obstacle, straight, ball & many other activity races with great glee.

It was a joy to behold in the bright, warm dry good weather!
It was unfortunate that you as Parents could not join and support us today reflecting Public Health guidelines to which we are all bound and we earnestly thank you all for supporting us with this difficult and challenging sacrifice. Thank you for showing the best example to our pupils, staff and to the Executive Committee of O’Mahony’s with this respect.
I also wish to thank all the staff who rallied together to ensure each class teacher had a support teacher/SNA throughout for safety, support & supervision.
Thank you also to Amanda and Seán Betson who brought up & returned all the requisite sports and sanitisation equipment, saving everyone’s muscles for the critical action!
Needless to say, we fervently thank Navan O’Mahony’s and Peter their Caretaker for gifting us the campus to enjoy all day today in great safety and comfort.
The final thank you goes to Hughie the ice cream van man who provided a tempting and richly deserved treat to each youngster and less, young……scrumptious!!
A wonderful day, start to finish, making memories for everyone to enjoy. I reckon a great night’s sleep will be had by all with fitful dreams to accompany the recharge.
Take a look at this selection of photos to savour the atmosphere……….how true that school days are amongst the happiest days ever, well done everyone……😉🤩.
Ms. C. O’ Bric & Staff.