Webwise is an internet safety initiative focused on raising awareness of online safety issues and good practice among students, their parents and teachers. Funded by the Department of Education and Skills, and the EU Safer Internet Programme, developed and managed by the Professional Development Service for Teachers (Technology in Education) to promote the autonomous, effective and safer use of the internet by young people through a sustained information and awareness strategy targeting schools, parents and children themselves with consistent and relevant messages.

The School Management is asked to actively promote the use of this Website by teachers when using the on-line environment in classrooms and by parents in their online interactions with their children. Webwise helps forge the link between home and school through the development of an online Parenting Hub.

This provides parents with easy access to practical advice and information to help address their concerns about the various issues facing their children in the online environment.

To find the full suite of awareness and education resources for teachers and parents, visit www.webwise.ie